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Hi, welcome to our trial by fire! The plan for this site is simple, we want to document our journey, hold ourselves accountable and bring everything we learn to one place for all to access whenever you choose for your entertainment, assistance or general reading pleasure.

We will make a lot of mistakes along the way and we will record it all (even the embarrassing ones!) so that you could avoid some of the same pitfalls. This will not be a blog with the same topic every day, but instead will be documenting our real-lives to help someone else that ends up in a similar position or just things that we think were funny and/or helpful. There will definitely be some common themes like family, work, tech, purchases, DIY, financial, FI, home improvement just to name the ones that immediately come to mind.

Welcome to our trial by fire!


I am a 35 year old husband, father and product manager and I’m obsessed with finding a better way to reclaim my time other than turning 65. From searching for million dollar ideas to discovering the path to FI, this will show that journey and document our progression.

My wheels are always turning but becoming a father amplified my desire to break free from the societal norm so that I could provide for my family and actually enjoy my family. So here we go…

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I am a 30 year old wife, mother and business professional trying to get a handle on this thing called life. I am working side by side with my husband on trying to improve our lifestyle one day at a time and reach a point in our lives where we can choose how we spend our time.

I would like to call myself the voice of reason in our relationship. D is full of passion and comes home with radical ideas, or what I consider radical, and I like to sit back and really evaluate them. I think every relationship needs that bit of balance.

I am excited to share our journey and document our lives.  Hopefully, our mistakes and successes are helpful for others.


I’m a Mechanical engineer working in one of the biggest cities in the world and living in a high cost of living neighborhood. I enjoy what I do but don’t want what I do to define me. I have slowly started to realize that what the adults in my life laid in front of me on how to live life does not agree with me. I had no idea what to do about it though, so I just started down a career with hopes of reaching the top and being rich.

I’ve always been a saver, but started to loosen my purse strings a bit due to the example set from some role models in my life. (Don’t say anything, but -D- is included in that list). Thankfully, I never strayed too far, I’m debt free aside from my home. I think I consider my home my biggest mistake at this point but I’m still on the fence about that.

There are plenty of mistakes I’ve made and will make, and they will all be documented for you. Hopefully you care enough to learn more about me and my family and jump down the rabbit hole with us as we race towards FI.

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