Our Trial by Fire Introduction to M

Introducing -M-

Welcome to my first post. I have never done this before so I have no idea how it will go. I want this to be my introduction and tell you how I ended up here. I am 33 years old and feel like I’ve already worked 5 years too long. It took me a bit …

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4 reasons we missed our 2018 savings goal and why 2019 will be different.

When we introduced ourselves and the start of this blog we mentioned that we would document our mistakes… well here is our first one. And it was a rather big one. At the end of 2017, we started our FI journey and went through our budget and thought we can easily cut back and increase …

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Corporate America

Reluctant to FI

The day D came home spewing what he learned about this concept called Financial Independence I brushed him off thinking “here we go again.” See, D has always looked for a different way, he always wanted more, he always wanted a way to make money that wasn’t through traditional means. Clearly, D seems much more ambitious …

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Calculator Finance Budget

Our Introduction to FI

I, like many of you, am the type of person that is always thinking of different money making ideas and trying to come up with the perfect invention to become a millionaire. As time has gone on I have finally realized that although cracking that code is certainly one way to get there, there are …

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our trial by fire blog

Hi, my name is…

Hi, my name is… Hi, welcome to www.ourtrialbyfire.com! The plan for this site is simple, we want to document our journey, hold ourselves accountable and bring everything we learn to one place for all to access whenever you choose for your entertainment, assistance or general reading pleasure. We will make a lot of mistakes along …

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