Hi, my name is…

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our trial by fire blog

Hi, my name is…

Hi, welcome to www.ourtrialbyfire.com! The plan for this site is simple, we want to document our journey, hold ourselves accountable and bring everything we learn to one place for all to access whenever you choose for your entertainment, assistance or general reading pleasure.

We will make a lot of mistakes along the way and we will record them all (even the embarrassing ones!) so that you could avoid some of the same pitfalls. This will not be a blog with the same topic every day, but instead will be documenting our real-lives to help someone else that ends up in a similar position or just things that we think were funny and/or helpful. There will definitely be some common themes like family, work, tech, purchases, DIY, financial, FI, home improvement just to name the ones that immediately come to mind.

As you are reading along, you will see different perspectives on topics since I will not be the only one telling their story. All that really means to you is there will be new content uploaded frequently and some will resonate with you and others you may decide to skip right over.

So, now that you know what to expect, you will want to know who we are and why should you care about our journey? Well, then allow me to introduce myself. I am a 35-year-old product manager, I have a wife of 3 years and we have one son who is 1 1/2 and a dog who is 2 1/2. We own a home in typical suburbia, two cars, a mortgage, credit card debt, personal loans and trying to live better and smarter every day.

My wife and I met back in 2010 when we were working in the same retail store for the company that we still work for today. Since we left our retail jobs, we have held various positions over the years and are now working in the same office again. The company we work for is one that treats its employees pretty well, seems to care about work-life balance and compensates us fairly competitively. However, just like the typical “Initech” office, it has a way of making you feel like it is slowly sucking the life out of you and you never feel super secure since there is always a layoff of some size happening somewhere in the company each year.

2018 was focused on our initial steps to regain control of our finances, our time and our lives, but more on that next time.

Welcome to our trial by fire!


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